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We’re often asked what branding at [wp] is all about. Simply put, we’re storytellers. We take all of the great things that you do and help you condense those ideas into a simple message. In print or on the web, we help make your business memorable. US

The Work


Pioneers in a rapidly-changing space, RevChip is today’s most comprehensive EMV Level 3 payment application.


Work Completed

RevChip partnered with [wp] to help with the official launch of the RevChip brand. Our work included a full suite of assets: strategy & positioning, logo development, and build-out of the company’s online presence.

  • RevChip logo
  • RevChip mark
  • RevChip homepage
  • RevChip subpage

WinTech Racing

WinTech Racing is a premier builder of rowing shells for the racing, adaptive, and recreational markets.


Work Completed

WinTech had a tremendous reputation and approached [whitepenny] with one goal: make the brand look like the industry leader that it was. [wp] introduced a new visual language, website, and e-commerce platform for the company.

Kings Hall

Kings Hall aims to be the region’s headquarters for entrepreneurs and a hub for small business growth.


Work Completed

Seeing a need in the region for a co-working space outside of Philadelphia, the owners of Kings Hall engaged [wp] to help build their brand - including their logo, messaging, print assets, and website.

Mutter Museum

The Mutter Museum has long been known as one of the nation's most respected museums of medical history.


Work Completed

The Mutter Museum approached [whitepenny] with a very clear goal: help showcase the depth of the museum's existing collections while also promoting the range of featured events and exhibits that are constantly moving through the museum.

  • Mutter Museum Homepage
  • Mutter Museum Subpage

Rubicon Global

Rubicon is reinventing the waste management industry by providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


Work Completed

Operating as a disruptive force in the industry, Rubicon Global knew that it needed an online presence that showcased the uniqueness of its story. The company approached [wp] to help develop a site that was both forward-thinking and also content-rich.

  • Rubicon Global homepage


Since its founding in 1935, Schulmerich has been the industry leader for handbells, handchimes, and electronic carillons.


Work Completed

When the company changed hands in 2012, [wp] was engaged to help redevelop the Schulmerich brand to show the company's recommitment to its legacy of sound. Our work included all visual assets, ranging from visual identity to company website.

  • Schulmerich logo
  • Schulmerich bell icon
  • Photo of Schulmerich building
  • Schulmerich homepage
  • Schulmerich subpage

Fuji Bikes

A leader in the production of triathlon and TT bikes, Fuji launched the Norcom Straight: one of the fastest bikes in the world.


Work Completed

[wp] was brought on board to help Fuji with the launch of its new product. Our work included development of the bike's macro "Fit Comes First" messaging along with a site that showcased the Norcom Straight - in all its glory.

  • Fuji Norcom Straight homepage
  • Fuji Norcom Straight subpages


First Aid Shot Therapy (F.A.S.T.) introduced a new way to treat pain and upset stomach symptoms: a liquid shot.


Work Completed

F.A.S.T. approached [wp] in its pre-launch phase and was looking to develop a brand voice and online presence. Project development included messaging, information architecture, and web design / development.

  • Person holding shot
  • FAST homepage
  • FAST subpage

Severino Pasta Company

Founded in 1971 by Joseph and Anna Maria, Severino's (as it's called) is a family-run pasta shop located in Westmont, New Jersey.


Work Completed

[wp] has been working with the company since 2003 and has had a hand in everything from macro strategy, to ad campaigns, to the design of the full line of company packaging (which is now available in Whole Foods Markets throughout the country).

  • Pete Severino with pasta
  • Severino print collateral
  • Just Add Famiglia campaign
  • Pasta boxes


Founded by Robert Mosbacher, Jr., BizCorps is a program that connects MBA graduates with entrepreneurs in emerging markets.


Work Completed

[whitepenny] was brought on board in the early stages of the organization's development to build a visual identity and online presence for BizCorps that would help introduce the organization to the global community.

  • BizCorps logo
  • BizCorps website

CrossFit 1Force

CF1F is a CrossFit box that began small (in the owner's garage) and has already blown through its warehouse square footage.


Work Completed

In a space that doesn't always get its due branding attention, CF1F knew that they wanted to give their new box the full treatment. Project development included a logo, collateral, and website - all focused on showing that this is anything but your typical gym.

  • CF1F logo
  • CF1F gym photo
  • CF1F homepage
  • CF1F subpages

United Way of Camden County

UWCC is a local chapter of the United Way and is focused on the organization's key issues: education, income, and health.


Work Completed

UWCC approached [wp] with a clear goal: to redevelop their website in such a way that it 1) completely restructured the information architecture of what had become a confusing online presence, and 2) provided clear actions steps for users to volunteer and donate.

  • United Way homepage
  • United Way subpage

Coastal Spine

The practice consists of some of the top spinal doctors in the region and focuses on a comprehensive approach pain.


Work Completed

[wp] was responsible for the design & development of Coastal Spine's new online presence, which involved reworking the information architecture as well as helping the group deliver high-level messaging around what sets the practice apart from its competitors.

  • Coastal Spine homepage
  • Coastal Spine subpage


Software development company that created a tracking app (that runs on screens within gyms) for the CrossFit community.


Work Completed

Project development covered the full spectrum of brand assets, ranging from company logo and tagline through website design and development. In addition to the more traditional tools, [wp] was also responsible for designing the schematics for the app itself.

  • Wodify logo
  • Wodify app in use
  • Wodify tagline
  • Wodify website screens


PeopleCore provides offerings in two general areas of service: Technical Services and Organizational Effectiveness.


Work Completed

[wp] worked with PeopleCore to develop a new brand for the company - one that better reflected the organization's true change-based ideologies. Brand development included a company logo, tagline, suite of print material, and website.

  • PeopleCore logo
  • PeopleCore homepage
  • PeopleCore subpages

Project Realize

Project Realize is a philanthropic initiative started by Vista Equity Partners’ Founder and CEO, Robert Smith.


Work Completed

Project development included a company logo and website for the organization. This project also focused heavily on developing a web platform that allowed the company's founder to highlight a range of personal accolades, news, and events.

  • Project Realize logo
  • Project Realize homepage
  • Project Realize subpage


Founded in 1852, Elwyn has been providing services to children and adults with special needs for over 160 years.


Work Completed

While the project deliverable for Elwyn was a new website, one of the biggest byproducts of this engagement was the opportunity to help the organization rethink how it presents its hundreds of services (and do so in a way that makes for an easy online search experience).

  • Elwyn homepage
  • Elwyn subpage

Pinsetter Bar & Bowl

This vintage-inspired bar and bowling alley has placed a real emphasis on reinventing what it means to go bowling.


Work Completed

[wp] was around for Pinsetter's earliest of days and was responsible for creating the name (an homage to the days when people used to actually set the pins). In the years since opening, [wp] has run all aspects of the company's visual and verbal brand.

  • Pinsetter logo
  • Pinsetter collateral

Rutgers Camden

One of New Jersey's great universities, Rutgers has multiple campuses throughout the state, and the New Jersey campus is home to the school's prestigious law school.

Work Completed

[wp] has been working with Rutgers—Camden since 2005 and has helped the institution deliver on its "Jersey Roots, Global Reach" tagline. Our work has ranged from outreach campaigns, to ads and billboards, to law school publications.

  • Rutgers Law logo
  • Rutgers collateral
  • Rutgers brochure

Steve’s PaleoGoods

Steve's PaleoGoods (formerly Steve's Original) is one of the largest producers of paleo snacks on the market.


Work Completed

When [wp] first began working with Steve, the company had 3 products in its arsenal. Now, over 30 products later, the company is known as the place to go for paleo snacks. Our work has included name & logo development and the full line of packaging design.

  • Steve's PaleoGoods logo
  • PaleoKit label

Animo Juice

Animo's concept has always been a simple one: create great food and juice that is healthy and uses only natural ingredients.


Work Completed

[wp] has worked with Animo to help the company clearly define what it offers to its customers and was instrumental in the shift to "Juice Bar, Burrito Bar." Over the years, we've created everything from menus, to signage, to the company website for this great local spot.

  • Animo collateral
  • Animo

PMA Philadelphia

PMA Philadelphia is a leader in professional development and works with some of the nation's top companies.


Work Completed

[wp] worked with PMA to develop a strategy that focused the brand on its biggest asset: its people. The goal with PMA's new online presence was to 1) showcase the partners and their depth of experience, and 2) highlight the company's core differentiators.

  • PMA Philadelphia homepage
  • PMA Philadelphia subpage

Sunfire Girls

The Sunfire Girls are the true food startup - they met in nutrition school, became friends, and launched a line of uber-healthy snacks.

Work Completed

We began with the Sunfire Girls at their early stages and helped create the visual language for the logo and initial product (Kale chips). The success of their product led to a relationship with Whole Foods where the company began outselling their biggest competitor 10 to 1.

  • Sunfire Girls logo

Little Tuna

One of Haddonfield's great success stories, the Little Tuna (a seafood and steak house) is the brainchild of Chef Marcus Severs.


Work Completed

[wp] worked with the chef / owner on reinventing the entire Little Tuna brand language (logo and menus) in such a way that he could increase the sophistication of his offerings while still remaining true to his fun, approachable, and extremely likable roots.

  • Little Tuna logo
  • Little Tuna collateral


Conigent is a process improvement and business management consulting firm focusing on cloud-based strategies.


Work Completed

Our work with Conigent began with the development of a new logo - a mark that set the tone for the direction that the company would be heading in the coming years. Brand development then built on that framework with a range of collateral and a new website.

  • Conigent logo
  • Conigent homepage


Created by the owners of the PJ Whelihan's Restaurant Group, Dockhoppers was a shore / vintage inspired seafood restaurant and raw bar.

Work Completed

[wp] was brought on board to develop a name for the new entity, create a visual style guide, logo, menu, and series of print collateral. The goal with these items was to unite a contemporary aesthetic with the casual and comfortable vibe of a beach lifestyle.

  • Dockhoppers logo
  • Dockhoppers collateral

Benebikira Sisters Foundation

Following the genocide in 1994, this Rwandan-based non-profit has been focused on education and reconciliation initiatives.


Work Completed

[wp] was brought-on board in the early stages of the foundation's development to help provide strategic direction for the newly-formed organization. Our work began with creating a company mark and has included outreach campaigns and website design & development.

  • Benebikira logo
  • Benebikira collateral

Drivers History

Drivers History has established itself as the leader in providing previously unavailable data to the insurance industry.


Work Completed

[whitepenny] was brought on board at a pivotal point in the company's growth and was tasked with developing a brand image and web strategy that would deliver the scale of the company's approach to its high-profile demographic.

  • DHI logo
  • DHI homepage comp
  • DHI subpage comp

And that's it. Well, almost.

We try to present a cross-section of the type of work that we do, but we're firm believers in the fact that every project is unique and therefore requires its own tailored approach. We update our work as much as possible, but we would be happy to provide additional examples or references upon request - feel free to send a note: info@whitepenny.com