Building Brands Since 2003

Whitepenny was born out of a simple but strong belief: that while design alone is a powerful tool, it’s at the intersection of great design and effective brand strategy where incredible things happen.

Meet Whitepenny

We’re a team of strategists, designers, and developers who unite around a common vision: to deeply understand our client — their difference, their audience, their goals — and to find ways to move them forward. We believe in process and its ability to make for a better end product. Leaning heavily on research and interviews, we make certain that creative decisions are informed by data-driven ones. 

We’re fortunate to have worked with some amazing people and amazing companies over our 18+ years – many since the days our doors first opened. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing an idea turn into a business and then turn into a successful brand.

Scott Revell

We have two core beliefs that drive our work: 1) The partnership matters. Trust is at the core of how we work with our clients. 2) Branding is about more than a collection of things. Branding is about what makes you uniquely you and how you convey that to your audience.

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18 Years of History


We’ve always been believers in the importance of varied opinions and perspectives – and think that it makes for a better end-product. Each member of our team brings a unique skill set and way of thinking to our projects. Strategy, design, usability, narrative – we see things through a number of lenses, and when combined, it defines our approach.

Director, Brand & Projects

Kelly Barnes

Kelly is Whitepenny’s Director of Brand & Projects. A ten year sports marketing and PR veteran, she keeps us all on track – client and team – and provides deep insight into how to shape messaging.

Brand Designer

Riley Barrett

Riley is WP’s brand designer and brings a wide skill set to the team’s work – which is a perfect complement to Whitepenny’s diverse client base. A music lover, he is always interested in exploring what’s new – across all avenues of the arts.

Co-Founder + Creative Director

Jon Cofsky

Jon is the co-founder and Creative Director of Whitepenny, heading both the strategy and design side of the firm and also leads the project management team. Jon sets the strategic direction of Whitepenny and aids companies all over the world in strategy and design.

Director of Growth & Strategy

Travis Coley

Travis is the Director of Growth & Strategy at Whitepenny. Leaning on two decades of strategic planning and corporate finance experience, Travis helps advise clients through the lens of gaining strategic advantage, growth, capital investment, and brand as an asset. He partners with clients to define brand strategy and establish a differentiated market position.

Senior Art Director

Jamie Park

Jamie is Whitepenny’s Senior Art Director. She drives the visual direction of Whitepenny’s clients, creating brands at once functional and timeless. Her versatility allows her to deliver solutions to clients ranging from mission-driven organizations to global consulting firms.

Co-Founder + Director of Development

Scott Revell

Scott is the co-founder of Whitepenny and leads the development and content side of the business. Adept at both the written word and the language of code, he drives both internal and external digital strategy and brings over 18 years of experience to Whitepenny’s diverse clientele.