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Whatever the goal — to rapidly grow, to raise capital, to attract top talent, to enter new markets, to engage a new audience, to inspire action — we’ll build a brand strategy to help you get there.

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Our approach begins with strategy formulation and is results-driven. We attack each of our projects with a creative intensity and believe that a data and insights-backed branding process is what yields results.
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The Easiest Way For Non-Profits to Take Online Donations

A client came to us with an urgent need to get donation functionality set up on their website. Every web development shop gets these calls, and in the olden days (5 years ago), there wasn’t much we could do but sympathize, stress the importance of involving your dev shop in long-term planning, and hope that they already have a merchant account so that you can whip something together in a reasonable…

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Whitepenny Year in Review 2021

Let’s get the ‘blech’ stuff out of the way first: we’re still in a pandemic. It’s better, we’re vaccinated, the kids are on their way to full vaccination status, and we’re getting together safely and reasonably. But there’s still this COVID-19 rock in our shoe reminding us with every step that things still don’t feel normal. On the business side, the pandemic has been a source of uncertainty and frustration. We still can’t quite get the timing of this thing right. Is it over? Is it kinda over? Do I need to worry about variants? How much? Uncertainty is as bad for business as it is for society, and we’re very much looking forward to a time where the ground isn’t shifting beneath us.

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Happy with Headless: Does Your Organization Need to Rethink How You Manage Digital?

A headless website answers the question, “Why are we asking our CMS to do both backend editing and be responsible for serving that content to users?”

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