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Ends. Not means.

Whatever the goal — to rapidly grow, to raise capital, to attract top talent, to enter new markets, to engage a new audience, to inspire action — we’ll build a brand strategy to help you get there.

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Our approach begins with strategy formulation and is results-driven. We attack each of our projects with a creative intensity and believe that a data and insights-backed branding process is what yields results.
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2020 Whitepenny Year in Review

Travis has been saying since March that the pandemic is an accelerant. It’s certainly true for us. In a matter of months, we had to very quickly figure out how to run a distributed business that very much relies on working together to make great things. After the initial shock, and to paraphrase one of the most rewatchable movies of all time, we decided to keep breathing and wait for the sun to rise…

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How Brands are Embracing Customer Experience (CX) to Increase Company Value

Recently, we’ve been contacted by both large, family-owned enterprises along with national, publicly-traded companies, and everyone seems to be asking the same questions: given COVID, how do we get a digital transformation process started and how can we reimagine / reinvent our customer journeys for a digital-only world. Across all of our conversations, three themes have emerged over the past six…

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4 Ways Your Website Should Be Doing the Work for You

The moment your homepage loads, people begin passing judgments on your business. Consumers assume that what they see on your website  reflects the quality of the product or service you sell. Someone may come across a lousy website for a service business and think ‘This is a lousy service business.’ They may think you’re not successful enough for a web design budget or not savvy enough to know the…

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