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Ends. Not means.

Whatever the goal — to rapidly grow, to raise capital, to attract top talent, to enter new markets, to engage a new audience, to inspire action — we’ll build a brand strategy to help you get there.

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Our approach begins with strategy formulation and is results-driven. We attack each of our projects with a creative intensity and believe that a data and insights-backed branding process is what yields results.
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Happy with Headless: Does Your Organization Need to Rethink How You Manage Digital?

A headless website answers the question, “Why are we asking our CMS to do both backend editing and be responsible for serving that content to users?”

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Collaborate and Conquer: How an Agency Can Support In-House Marketing Teams

The true proving grounds of an agency lay not with large orgs but with infinitesimally small companies**. Small companies ask all of the hard questions.

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3-Questions with Rob Lawrence, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at LogMeIn

Every few months, Whitepenny engages in dialogue (never more than 3-questions) with leading founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and taste makers that live at the intersection of brand, strategy, digital storytelling, and consumer experience. 

This month, we caught up with Rob Lawrence, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at LogMeIn, a remote work technology company. 

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Brand Voice: Say it Loud, Say it Clear

When most people think of the word ‘brand’, they immediately think of visual aesthetics – logo, colors, design. “I really like their branding!” often signifies “I like the look of this brand!”. Similarly, visual design often takes center stage within marketing departments. The words that brands use – their brand voice – don’t  get the same attention. With verbal and written communication being the primary way that a person will interact with brands, proper brand voice becomes an integral part of good brand strategy.

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