Since its founding in 1935, Schulmerich has been the industry leader for handbells, handchimes, and electronic carillons. When the company changed hands in 2012, WP was engaged to help redevelop the Schulmerich brand to show the company’s recommitment to its legacy of sound. Our work included all visual assets, ranging from visual identity to company website.

Project Goal

Move a historically labor-intensive sales process to an e-commerce platform.

The Solution

The Schulmerich rebrand focused on restoring this company (established in 1935) to its position as the industry leader. A new logo and visual style guide was developed, and the brand strategy took the company’s core differentiator (the people who make the products themselves) and brought it to the forefront. Each piece of outreach or marketing collateral helped tell the story of the artisans who make these products – many of whom have been working for the company for over 30 years.

What We Did

  • Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Style Guide Development
  • Logo Design
  • Collateral & Marketing
  • Website Development

We believe that branding is a comprehensive experience. Message, visual design, content, digital – all aspects need to be purposeful and aligned with who you are.


The Outcome

Schulmerich saw a fundamental shift in its business following the rebrand and launch of its new site. What was previously 100% ordering by phone had now shifted to 80% of orders being placed online. The impact of reworking the way that customers purchased products allowed the company to completely rework the allocation of its internal team’s resources.


The investment in a new brand and digital platform showed a direct ROI for the company – but also helped the brand reclaim its position in the market.