Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac approached Whitepenny with a great challenge: through content strategy and design, how do you make an already effective tool better, more useful, and use it to change customer behavior?

Project Goal

Optimize an existing email asset (content and design) to make it a more valuable and usable resource for its target audience.

The Solution

The Freddie Mac CLN is an email property that is sent-out to thousands of community and serves as a resource on everything from regulation changes to new product offerings. The challenge is that the asset had become so dense that it was being used as an index (parked in an email folder and referenced if/as needed). The goal was to rethink that workflow and provide a tool that was more user-friendly and would drive users back to a resource center website. The end-product adopted a modular design strategy where sections could be included or excluded based on a specific audience segment. This approach also allowed users to more easily scan the content and locate sections that were directly relevant to them. In addition, a clear table of contents section was developed (for more efficient content access), and CTAs were more design-focused and actionable.

What We Did

  • Strategy and Findings Report
  • Wireframing and Content Strategy
  • Email Design

We believe that branding is a comprehensive experience. Message, visual design, content, digital – all aspects need to be purposeful and aligned with who you are.



Though Freddie Mac already had an existing style guide, there was an opportunity to create a series of custom illustrations to help break-apart overly dense sections of content.


Data from the Freddie Mac team aligned with current mobile usage trends, and the site was designed with mobile-first thinking in mind to ensure easy access to content regardless of the device.

The Outcome

The result of the updated CLN was a clear drive in traffic to the resource center website – but the real opportunity was in how to take this newly-developed asset and segment it even further for different audiences. By learning from what different users were interested in (and giving opportunities to self-select the type of content they’d like to receive), Freddie Mac is able to now provide a much more tailored (and concise) experience to its end consumers.


Reworked information design allowed for not only a better user experience but also an experience that achieved one of the organization’s business objectives.