Optia Group

One of the biggest challenges in the Management Consulting landscape is that companies talk strategy but don’t have the ability to execute. Optia is a different type of company. Rooted in speed and execution, the company focuses on results from day one and needed a brand that aligned with that approach.

Project Goal

Reposition Optia Group to allow the company to compete with the largest competition in their space while retaining their nimble, action-focused ethos.

The Solution

The Optia re-brand was built on two clear strategies: 1) elevate the sophistication of the company so that it could sit alongside global consulting firms, and 2) bring the company’s successes to the forefront. Buried amidst their existing content were amazing stories of transformation – each connected to a very clear metric. The new site looked to elevate those case studies and make them the backbone of the content strategy.

What we did

  • Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Website Development
  • Collateral Design

We believe that branding is a comprehensive experience. Message, visual design, content, digital – all aspects need to be purposeful and aligned with who you are.


The Outcome

The Optia re-launch came during COVID-19 – at a time when the company’s digital presence was more important than ever. Repositioning not only allowed Optia to reduce friction in their business development process (due to the disconnect between what they were saying and how they previously looked), but it also allowed them to launch a social media content strategy that pushed users back to the site.


Optia had a reputation that needed to align with how its brand was positioned in the market. The new approach allows those two pieces to speak with a consistent voice.