Sequent is one of the few companies that can use the line, “we wrote the book on that” and actually mean it. An early pioneer in the Product Management space, Steven Haines has authored multiple books and runs a national training and consulting company.


Project Goal

Reassert company position as an industry leader and move a high-touch, in-person business into a digital platform.

The Solution

The challenge that the business was facing was that the competitive landscape had changed, and first to market was no longer enough. In addition, the company’s offerings had expanded and were now wider than ever. Sequent engaged Whitepenny to help 1) take a more audience-focused approach to its brand message and story, and 2) update the visual language to better align with the company’s position as an industry-leader.

What we did

  • Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Website Development

We believe that branding is a comprehensive experience. Message, visual design, content, digital – all aspects need to be purposeful and aligned with who you are.


Brand Position

Sequent needed an image that aligned with the sophistication of its audience. The new brand allows the company to retain its high-touch, personalized approach while also competing with the largest brands in the Product Management space.


The full suite of Sequent offerings was moved online – and reworked to allow clients to interact with the company in three ways: 1) in-person, 2) virtual, instructor-led, and 3) virtual, self-paced. The shift allowed Sequent to meet the needs of their audience and deliver a truly client-focused offering.

The Outcome

We’ve continued to work with Sequent in the time since their 2018 rebrand & digital relaunch and have built on their new strategy with a full suite of outreach assets – from segmented email campaigns to new workshop and conference tools.


Sequent’s position in the market has grown. The company has released new curriculum and new books and continues to fulfill on its promise of being the go-to resource for Product Management Training.