How you look

This is the actual visual identity you present to the public. When a consumer pulls up your website or social media, what do they find? Is your logo compelling, tagline clear? Can someone connect your logo, packaging, and branding with the service or product you are selling? Is your product design current, attractive, and authoritative? Being great at what you do matters, but when you’re in the business of competition, looks matter too.

How you sound

This is the messaging you present to reflect your product or service. Hello Fresh says boldly on its homepage “Cooking as easy as eating.” (How much easier can eating get?) Warby Parker says “Find your perfect frames – for free!” (Free being the operative word here.) Both are clear and reflect the vision and tone of those companies. What messaging and language do you present to your consumers? What tone is appropriate for you?

How you act

Time to drop the old adage, “Do as I say, not as I do.” When it comes to your branding, consistency in what you say and how you act must line up. If you’re for geeks, you need to speak geek and do geek things. High-end exclusive? That’s not something you can fake. If Hello Fresh sends ingredients with complicated directions that people have trouble following, or if Warby Parker slapped you with a $35 charge if you didn’t like any of the frames, then these actions would be counterproductive to their messaging.

How we help: RevChip’s Strategic Entry Into The Market

Our client, RevChip — today’s most comprehensive EMV Level 3 payment application — asked us to help with the official launch of their brand. Here’s Terry Crowley, Revchip’s CEO:

“We were launching a new company into a complex marketplace that was undergoing rapid change. That’s a double-hard situation so we knew that we needed a brand that could cut through the turbulence and resonate with our audience.”

We worked together to strengthen their branding and position RevChip to be the industry leader it is today. Our work included a full suite of assets: strategy and positioning, logo development, and build-out of the company’s online presence. The development of their logo (above) illustrates their commitment to how you look, sound and act. Learn more about RevChip and their branding process here.

Branding Starts Now

Once you’ve completely answered the questions of how do you look? sound? act? the summation of those answers is where you should begin. Branding is more than a good logo. You have to know who you are. You need to know who your customers want you to be. From there, build something authentic. Make your branding not only stand out — but count.
If you need help getting this process started, give us a call today.]]>