Every good company must be willing to ask itself: Are we still who we were when we first started? This is a question we encourage our clients to ask themselves as they consider the effectiveness of their branding.

Maybe you’ve outgrown your look. You designed your logo with cutting edge appeal but now it’s dated. Or, your packaging highlights what appealed to your consumer base ten years ago. As time passes, it’s important you are willing to take a hard look at your current branding and see if it is still that — current — and effective.

Successful Re-Branding That Worked: Pinsetter Bar & Bowl

We were there in 2007 when Pinsetter Bar & Bowl got its start. In fact, we named the up-and-coming bowling alley and created their initial vintage-inspired branding. After a few years of success, the business evolved into a place that was more awesome bar with bowl than bowl with awesome bar. Pinsetter challenged Whitepenny to create new branding that reflected the shift.
As you can see, the original logo was very effective, showcasing a vintage style.

The new look (below) offered a strategic update to appeal to a newer, younger consumer-base while still preserving core aspects of the original mark. This pivot was a proactive move by the owner who was willing to ask himself the hard questions of the Pinsetter brand.

Should Your Business Rebrand? Ask the Hard Questions

Is your business at a point-of-change or nearing one? Is there going to be a pivot in the upcoming timeline that may not align with your current branding strategy? If your focus is turning a corner and it’s not the same as the last, you may want to consider a new look.

Would you hire your own business over a competitor’s — based on looks alone? Your immediate answer may be, “Yes. Dumb question.” But are you willing to take a step back and ask: What are my industry’s trends — and where are my competitors? Put your brand (logo, collateral, website) up against your competitors. Who would you hire?

Are we still who we were when we first started? Many fortunate companies become so successful they outgrow their brand. Consumers are well familiar with a company’s name — but their branding is hurting them. If you’ve evolved into something newer and better, it’s time to get the brand to catch up with where you already are in the market.

A common fear of our clients is they don’t want to completely abandon their past. We know that first identity is meaningful to you — and that will never change. But, you don’t have to completely abandon what made you who you are today. You can (and should) take pieces from your past and carry them through with you into the re-brand. A good rebrand honors both present and past.

Whether it’s long overdue or you’re staying ahead of the curve, a good re-branding strategy may be the refreshing next step your business is ready for. If you want to talk through whether it’s time, let’s get in touch.