Every time of year is magical in its own way – you ring in the new year with possibility, you celebrate the rebirth of spring, you relish the rays of July, and you radiate in the amber glow of September. Among those magical moments is this moment – the moment of reflection and gratitude that comes along with the close of the calendar. In this spirit of reflection, please enjoy the 2022 Whitepenny Year in Review where we take a quick look back before pressing ahead.

The theme of this edition of the Whitepenny Year in Review is “Get Together and Do Good Stuff.” 2022 was the year that we felt truly back – we were back together in the office, we were back visiting with clients, and we were out enjoying each other’s company. As always, we start with the hit list:

  • 14 new clients
  • 7 site launches 
  • 5 identity projects
  • 2 internal culture campaigns

It was quite a year, indeed. 

Get Together and Get Messaging

We worked with a ton of companies this year to help them reshape how they communicated, both visually and verbally, with their audience. Even the biggest organizations in the world occasionally lose sight of how they’re perceived in the market. Organizations evolve and change, and their messaging needs to change along with it.  Every new client is an opportunity to unearth simple truths and figure out how to get them out to the world. It’s hard work, but it’s really great. We’ve been working for the past months on a number of brand launches coming in early 2023 that we’re excited to share with you. Stay tuned!

Get Together and Make a Better World

Working with non-profits is a central part of who were are Whitepenny. We were thrilled to continue to work with JEVS, Catch Inc., and RHD, and were were happy to welcome the Alliance, SPIN, and Cathedral Kitchen to the fold. Helping non-profits find their voice in person, in marketing, and online is truly one of the most rewarding parts of being a branding company.

In addition to our work with the non-profit sector, we also instituted a few new programs here at Whitepenny that made for a better, richer year:

WP Quarterly Day of Service
We went out into the world, got our hands dirty with SPIN, chopped more zucchini than we could possibly estimate with MANNA, and did our best to be good servers and sandwich-makers with Cathedral Kitchen. 

Quarterly Day of Wellness
You know what? We work a lot – and we’re trying to do what we can help our team lead more balanced lives. So, we instituted a mandatory, quarterly day off. 

Flexible Work From Home
Our temporary solution to 2020 became permanent in 2022. You work where you need to work, no questions asked.

Get Together, then Get Going

We’re headed out to be with our families next week, so all will be quiet on the Whitepenny front. It’s a time for slippers, a time for impromptu cookie-making sessions, and a time to sit by the fire and soak it all in. We hope that you, too, can carve out some time to be with those you love. Thanks, as always, for your support and friendship during Whitepenny’s 19th year. We’re excited to get going in 2023 and hit that round anniversary number running.