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Whatever the goal — to rapidly grow, to raise capital, to attract top talent, to enter new markets, to engage a new audience, to inspire action — we’ll build a brand strategy to help you get there.

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Our approach begins with strategy formulation and is results-driven. We attack each of our projects with a creative intensity and believe that a data and insights-backed branding process is what yields results.
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Amy Henry Leads Whitepenny’s New Consumer Insights Division

We’re thrilled to announce that Amy Henry has joined Whitepenny to lead our Consumer Insights division. Amy’s experience speaks for itself – Leo Burnett, The Geppetto Group, C+R Research – and she brings over 25 years of excellence in the applied research and strategy consulting fields to our growing team. She’ll lead Consumer Insights here at Whitepenny, enabling us to deliver more precise, more personalized, and more effective brands.

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Down to Two: Picking the Right Branding Agency

The endgame of the branding agency selection process often looks like this: you’ve completed your vetting process, you know your budget, you’ve weeded out the agencies that came in too high and the ones that came in too low, and you’re confident that the agencies still in the running are capable and competent. But now it’s time to choose, and when you’re down to two agencies that you like…

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When to Hire a Branding Agency and When to Hire a PR Agency

As a brand strategy firm, we are frequently approached by companies seeking media exposure for their leadership – PR. Similarly, we often receive RFPs, framed as requests for PR services, but are replete with requests for design and digital strategy needs – branding. While there are similarities between Branding and PR, they exist at different steps on the brand timeline.

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3-Questions with Louis Joseph, Founder / CEO Alps & Meters

Every few months, Whitepenny engages in dialogue (never more than 3-questions) with leading founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and taste makers that live at the intersection of brand, strategy, digital storytelling, and consumer experience. 

This March we caught up with Louis Joseph, Founder of the luxury alpine sportswear company, Alps & Meters, to discuss the digital transformation…

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