Innovative ideas demand innovative design. OCA needed a digital presence that showed in vivid detail how different they actually are. View Project

The Official Goal of Soccer gets a new, easier-to-use, stunning digital presence. View Project

One of the biggest challenges in the Management Consulting landscape is that companies talk strategy but don't have the ability to execute. Optia is a different type of company. Rooted in speed and execution, the company focuses on results from day one.  View Project

With 9 offices around the globe, TrueSearch had reached a point where it needed an updated brand image that better aligned with the company’s reach and reputation. WP worked with the TrueSearch team to help develop a new visual identity and digital presence. View Project

Each year, JEVS touches nearly 22,000 lives, focusing on individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional challenges as well as those facing adverse socio-economic conditions including unemployment and underemployment. View Project

Marrying the old with the new is never an easy task, so when Bricco approached WP to help create the brand for their new flagship restaurant location in Philly’s recently renovated Bourse building, we were excited to take on the challenge. View Project

Since its founding in 1935, Schulmerich has been the industry leader for handbells, handchimes, and electronic carillons. When the company changed hands, WP was engaged to help redevelop the Schulmerich brand. View Project

WP has been working with the IT leader for years and has been a part of their new logo rollout, their shift from Pro Computer Service to PCS, and a new digital presence that better aligns with the company’s service-first ethos. View Project