What We Did

JadeYoga was founded in 2000 and introduced the yoga community to the first “green” and non-toxic yoga mat. Separate from the sustainable product that it produces (made from rubber trees), the company plants a tree for every mat that it sells.

[whitepenny] was approached by JadeYoga at a point in the company’s growth where its success and reputation had surpassed its brand. Our role was to redevelop all of the company’s brand assets – beginning with the product packaging and e-commerce website. The company has recently just planted its 1,000,000th three, and in the time since we’ve worked together, online sales have increased by 25%.

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Great Product, Great Commitment

We love working with companies that not only make a great product but that also have a deep commitment to their mission. Jade has just planted its 1,000,000th tree. It doesn’t get more committed than that.